Sewing Scissors +Free Thread Snips

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Brand: Evergreen Art Supply

Color: Steel


  • HOW DID WE GET OVER 800+ 5 STAR REVIEWS?!? - We start each blade with a durable, solid body design, meaning a single piece of metal from end to end, including the handle. Then we use industrial quality High Carbon Steel which is stronger, harder, and stays sharp longer than the standard stainless steel used in other so called "high quality" shears. To top it off, our scissors now go through an additional process that prevents rust! Now THAT is how you get the highest rated scissors on Amazon!
  • EFFORTLESS CUTTING POWER - Super Scissors use of Premium High Carbon Steel and professional craftsmanship means unmatched durability and ensures silky smooth, precise and effortless cuts every time, even through multiple layers. All while keeping a razor sharp edge for years to come
  • EVERYBODY, EVERY USE - Best all purpose scissors for any use, including household, office, school student, tailor, art, craft, embroidery, quilting, dressmaking, sewing and upholstery. You'll thank us later for the pleasure of cutting paper, fabric, denim, leather and more with an ease that your precious hands have never felt before
  • TACKLE BIG JOBS, NO PAIN... NO PROBLEM - With a 9 inch length your Super Scissors are weighted and balanced to feel great in your hand, they are compact enough to easily tuck away in an office drawer, yet powerful enough to cut through the toughest materials, fabrics and leather and the added rubberized "Comfort Grip" hugs your hand for precise no stress cutting so you can work on big projects with no pain and no cramps... just all day comfort
  • FREE THREAD NIPPERS and 100% THRILLED GUARANTEE! - Along with each pair of Super Scissors are cute matching little mini scissors called thread cutters... and the 100% THRILLED Guarantee?! Simple. If you are not absolutely in love and THRILLED with your purchase, we will give you your money back. No questions asked, and no need to even return the product... no joking! ...what are you waiting for?! Click "Add to Cart" and get yours now!

Details: SUPER SCISSORS - by Evergreen Art Supply

Tired of Fighting Your Scissors?
Dull blades? Cramping Hands? Struggling to make your cut? You have found your solution.

At Evergreen Art Supply we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality product and giving YOU what you need:

• Premium Industrial Grade Materials - High carbon steel is harder and stronger than the competitions standard stainless

• Razor Edge Retention - Blade stays sharp, even after running through the toughest materials

• Extreme Ergonomically Designed Comfort Grip - No more harsh metal grips. Rubberized handle hugs your hand comfortably for the quick precise cuts you need, without the pain

• Cut-Flat, Slanted Handle - The angled bend in the handle allows you to remain flat on the surface for easy, accurate cutting

• All Purpose- From the office to the workshop, for artists, to students school supplies. From cutting wrapping paper, to fabrics, to leather and for embroidery, tailoring, quilting, crafting and more... this is your tool!

• Superior Quality & Technology - Built with supreme craftsmanship, these were made to last you a lifetime

Our goal? Every customer experience to resemble that which mushy dreams are made of. We don't care if you have a good reason, a bad excuse, or no explanation at all. We offer a no limits, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee... even better than that? You can keep your purchase too, we wont even make you go through the hassle of returning it to us!

Awesome matching cutters to add to your sewing notions that dressmakers, seamstress, tailors, quilters, crafters and more will find extremely handy!

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