13 Dials Adjustable Dress Form, Large

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  • [LIMITED TIME]:Regular price:299.99,Recent price:169.99.Fully adjustable dress form for use in sewing projects or as a display piece.
  • 13 key adjustments (bust, waist, hips, neck/back) provide a perfect fit.Allows you to personalize the form to match your body measurements.Foam Vacked Nylon Cover for Easy Pinning and Marking.
  • Measurements: Bust = 39 1/2" - 45 1/2", Waist = 30 1/2" - 36 1/2", Hips = 40" - 46"
  • Adjustable Neck: Height Adjustment lets you customize the dress form to your height in a snap.
  • You can return the item free shipping,if it is unsuited.Top-Rated Dress Form in the market. Purchase with confidence, free feel to check out adorable reviews

Details: How to adjust waist length
To length the torso/waist,notice a white plastic toothed collar covering the gray center pole located under the inside skirt of the form.
Turn the white collar slightly to the left to disengage retainer teeth,pull down until the desired length is obtained,twist collar to the right to re-engage the teeth.
To return to original height,simply reverse the preceding stage.

How to set the hemline gauge:with the hem gauge bar in the horizontal position,disengage the center collar retaining clip.
Slide the collar up or down until the top of the collar lines up with the requires height.
Engage the center collar retaining clip.
For full or flared hemlines,place the dress on the dress form inside out or turn the hem up to face.

Handy tips
1.keep the plastic bag provided to cover the dress form and help eliminate dust.
2.For form fitting dresses,always leave a vertical seam partly open,finish sewing the seam after having removed the dress form the form.
3.To close the dress form,use the following sequence:waist height adjustment,neck dial,bust dials,waist dials and hip dials.

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