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For the first time, you will not only get the LOOK you want but you'll get the FIT you need right at your fingertips! Fits By Design Custom Clothing Haus LLC, is the first and only nationwide directory offering thousands of college educated fashion designers, tailors and custom jewelry, shoe and bag designers. Whether you need something as simple as an alteration or as significant as a wedding gown - our designers are selected for their caliber of education and skill. Simply download our free app, select the service you need and your state then browse our exclusive list from whose nearest to you or by ratings. It's that simple!



Buy Local. Buy Quality. Buy Less. Fits By Design helps you to help our environment by providing a platform that helps you to 3 vital steps away from Fast Fashion:

BUY LOCAL - Connect directly with U.S. designers in your state
LESS WASTE - Made to order and need based fulfillment
LONGER LIFESPAN - Formally trained designers provide quality construction

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If you have a degree in Fashion Design OR if you're a shoe/purse/jewelry designer, a stylist or photographer - our App is for you!

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All clothing and accessories are exclusive designs of Fits By Design or Premiere Designers registered with Fits By Design.

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